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The Goal of Our Curriculum

At Bailey Preschool students are taught by a NC Licensed Pre-K/Kindergarten teacher. The preschool program provides a safe and healthy learning environment that teaches children through creative play. The goal is to contribute to the child's developmental possibilities through use of imagination, open-ended exploration, fitness, and a rich language environment. Artistic development, cross-cultural enrichment and kindergarten readiness is emphasized.

Students are exposed to mind stimulating activities and lessons that prepare them for success in kindergarten and socialization with peers.

There is emphasis on learning to read and understanding what we read. Students will also practice independence skills that will aid them in becoming successful in kindergarten.

Creative Play is Our Work


 Math / Manipulatives

*Public speaking, writing and reading are celebrated at Bailey Preschool through rich sounds, words and ideas.

Daily activities invite children to explore new concepts and to acquire new vocabulary. Children engage in sequential story-telling and poetic and dramatic expression. We emphasize pre-writing skills like cutting, folding, drawing, painting, and working with clay, all of which strengthen the muscles and coordination needed to write.

* Students develop an understanding of concepts, an ability to apply concepts, computational fluency, logical reasoning skills, and an active engagement in using math and skills.

Art & Music & Languages

Wellness & Nutrition & Fitness

*Our music instruction can help teach emotional regulation. Dancing can help our children learn to share and cooperate. Art class is designed to help children learn and practice skills like patterning and cause and effect (i.e., “If I push very hard with a crayon the color is darker.”). They can also practice critical thinking skills by making a mental plan or picture of what they intend to create and following through on their plan.

*We utilize the introduction to Spanish and sign language to our children's brains with the stimulation needed to translate tangible experiences into new concepts and eventually into abstract thinking.

*We trust the research that shows that regular physical activity helps students concentrate and perform better on academic tasks and plan our outdoor and physical education around this research. We have a NO SUGAR policy to enhance our children's nutritional well-being.


Dramatic Play /Outdoor Classroom

 *Topics included over the course of the year included space sciences, nutrition, the human body, insects, landforms, weather and climate, earth materials, matter, energy, forces, simple machines, & systems of motion.

*Our outdoor classroom ignites a unique excitement and curiosity in our young learners that cannot be replicated in the classroom. We make it a priority to provide a fun and engaging environment, whilst also getting their hands a little dirty along the way.





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